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Seasonal Mini Sessions

Something for Everyone


Whatever the season, whatever the reason, I've got a mini for you. If I can work in a live animal even better. These super fun sessions cover holidays, wildflowers, and many  of my creative whims. Sometimes announced far in advance and sometimes in a flash, the best way to stay in the know is to follow me on facebook. 

Seasonal Mini sessions are short themed photography sessions --usually about 15 minutes--scheduled back to back at a single location. Because many families are booked in a short amount of time, I'm able to offer these sessions at a lower cost than private sessions.  Prices vary per mini depending on set, props, animals, and location with super minis starting at $60 and regular seasonal minis ranging from $100-300 including a designated number of high resolution digital photos.

I occasionally offer flash and pop up minis at larger community events at very low cost and sometimes with no upfront fees so be sure to keep watch on facebook so you don't miss out. 

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